Spring Rap with Rolling Interludes

beats & raps with patches of ambient sound & avant explorations

  • # of Tracks: 100+

  • Length: 4 hours, 17 minutes

  • Themes: rap & hip-hop ~ ambient musical interludes ~ avant-garde sound exploration ~ sometimes all these things at once ~ at least two songs associated with The Muppets

  • Link: spoti.fi/3iiZzk6 (Spotify) — apple.co/3fN5Rqx (Apple Music)

The latest mixtape is full of what the kids-these-days call rap music or what the Grammy’s now call progressive R&B or, eh, I don’t care & can’t keep track. The ambient interludes are there to give the often dense, rhythmic music a bit more…s p a c e. The ambient interludes, spoken word, classical pieces and/or studio mutterings hopefully make the mix flow better, or at least act as slightly less distracting accompaniment to your office labors.

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About the artwork: I took this picture over a decade ago on a visit to Melbourne, Australia. Probably the famed graffiti alley Hosier Lane? It was awhile ago though, and I was jetlagged, so maybe it’s somewhere else in the same city?

Finally, with rare exceptions, my enjoyment of music is rarely if ever primarily about the words — but an explicit content warning is necessary for this playlist. So, consider yourself warned.

Spotify version

Apple Version

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The playlist includes songs such as…

Lous and the Yakuza: “Dilemme”

Briars of North America: “Sala”

Mustafa: “The Hearse”

The Swedish Chef from the Muppets: “Popcorn”